Welcome to The WAMily Tree

Scale your business using your podcast 🚀

Who this is for?

We Are Members (a.k.a. The WAMily) is for business owners who want to scale their business using their podcast. 

We’ve launched this private Members community to help you use your podcast as the ultimate tool for growth. We'll show you how to:

  • Maximise your business revenue using your podcast.
  • Massively grow your audience.
  • Establish partnership deals with aligned brands.
  • Get featured on other podcasts as an industry expert.
  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Easily book high profile guests.
  • Join a community of like-minded people.
  • Access experiences that money can’t buy.

How we do it?

Through We Are Members, we help business owners leverage their podcast for massive business growth.

To do this, we include:

Results-driven business coaching (valued at USD $60,000+):
You receive access to Units that will reveal the steps / actions you need to implement to start generating $10K+ months in recurring revenue from your business ASAP. Once you’ve achieved your base $10K, you will immediately receive free access to our higher-level coaching Units.

Guest expert sessions (valued at USD $40,000+):
Our community gets access to some of the most renowned entrepreneurs, marketers, and podcasters to work with you in real time to grow your business.

Weekly coaching (valued at USD $30,000+):
We get it, you need personalized help and you need it fast! Each week, we run live coaching sessions so our Members can get the help they need. You’ve never experienced support like you’ll experience in the Wamily.

Monthly intensive (valued at USD $20,000+):
Once a month, our community comes together for our live monthly intensive where we teach a new Unit from our Recurring Results Roadmap™ and plan your next 30 days.

Monthly mastermind (valued at USD $5,000+):
We have an incredible community, so we run live monthly mastermind sessions as a way for our Members to help each other with whatever business / podcast (even life!) obstacle you're facing.

Membership portal (valued at USD $5,000+):
Our membership portal features videos from 100+ industry experts, including replays from every session at every event, accelerator, and workshop we’ve hosted.

Exclusive membership platform (valued at $5,000+):
Once you join the Wamily, you’ll be invited to join our private online community so you can connect with other high achievers and top-tier business leaders who will support you every step of the way. If you want immediate help, to share a win, or show your gratitude for someone else in the Wamily, there’s no better place.

VIP ticket to every event (valued at USD $2,000+):
Our events have been attended by people from 30+ countries and we’ve featured some of the biggest names in business and podcasting. Everyone in the Wamily receives a free VIP ticket to every event we run.

Why is making money from your podcast so important?

Because if you can't crack the code to the monetisation side, you will eventually become one of the 80%+ of podcasts out there that are inactive. Worse, you might even begin to resent the very thing you created because you were so passionate about it.

So if you're serious about your mission, your podcast needs to sustain itself financially. But we don't want you to stop there.

In fact, we want to unlock every particle of potential inside you so you can build a kickass business, enjoy freedom (in every sense), and make an amazing impact on the world, too.

Sound like a plan?

Good 🤗

You'll also hear us refer to our We Are Members group as the "Wamily" because everyone in there becomes family. At the end of the day, while all the tactics and templates are super valuable, having the unconditional support of an inspired group of likeminded people makes all the difference.